I built this Pendulum Clock out of spare parts, an adruino computer ($14), I wrote the software and old pallet wood.

This is a true pendulum clock in that the computer does not regulate time, only the pendulum does, thus it's a true pendulum clock.

whereitallbegan_small.jpg moretesting_small.jpg ballbearingpivotpoint_small.jpg buildingacase1_small.jpg
buildingacase2_small.jpg buildingacase3_small.jpg thearduino_small.jpg suspensionsping_small.jpg
stainingthewood_small.jpg thependulumstand_small.jpg seeifthingsfit_small.jpg testfitting_small.jpg
clockface_small.jpg arduinoincase_small.jpg frontglassdoorinstalled_small.jpg suspensionspringinsidethecase_small.jpg
finalform_small.jpg finalform2_small.jpg

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