Skiing in Santa Fe March 15-17

Skiing in Santa Fe New Mexico.
Mar 15 thru 17, 2004
It was pretty warm this year. The snow was ok. Also there were lots of people skiing this year because all the spring breaks for Texas and Oklahoma fell on the same week this year. There were lots and lots of Texans there this year.

First day, Angie and Danny on the ski lift.
Angie and Danny taking a break.
Bill and Danny getting ready to get on the lift.
Bill and Danny on the chair lift.
Angie and Danny at the cafe/bar up on the slopes.
Angie and Danny.
Danny skiing fast, you can tell the snow is a little wet.
Angie. Angie was skiing faster that ever this year. We spent most of our time using the lift that goes all the way to the top of the mountain because the snow was better (less wet and slushy) higher up.
This is where we always stop for a break. The only way to get here is to ski here. Up on the top deck above everyone is Angie and Danny.
From the cafe/bar, looking at the slopes.
Danny with onions sticking out of his mouth.
Danny and Bill.
Angie and Danny
This shows the Jeep Liberty we rented to drive out to Santa Fe. It was a very nice little car/truck SUV or whatever it's classified as.
Danny in the back seat of the Jeep, you can see the skis all piled up beside him.
This is in the elevator at the Marriott where we stayed. It was a very nice hotel, our room was two rooms and a little kichenette. Not bad for $70 buck a night!
On the 2nd day, getting our ski boots on.
This is Danny resting in the shade. It was pretty warm and with all our jackets and stuff on, we all got pretty hot sometimes.
Angie and Danny. You cant see Danny, he is sitting on the rock in the background. We were surprised to find this slope becasue we have never been to this spot before till now.
Angie and Bill.
Those are Bill's feet, this is the only photo of Bill skiing! ha ha
Danny sitting in a hole in the snow.
Danny with a cat that lives at the cafe.
Angie with the cat.
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