Playing pool with Bob, Kim and Janna.

Shots of Bob, Kim, Janna and Bill, Angie and Danny playing pool.

Nov 27, 2002
Note the sign on the door. According to Bob, door does in fact open! Imagine that!
Photo taken by Bob at the airport as he and Kim were arriving in Oklahoma.
Janna grabs Bob's camera and takes a lovely photo of herself.
Do not leave your camera unattended around Janna!
Bob Kim and Danny at the restaurant before playing pool.
The sign above their heads reads, "Bob and Sally"
Bob standing in front of his private room.
The sign on the doors reads "Bob"
(It's actually the men's room.)
Bob Janna and Kim.
Bob, Janna and Kim.
Bob the pool shark.
Danny the pool shark.
Kim the pool shark.
Bill (me) the pool shark.
ok ok ok, I admit, none of us could even come close to Bob's level at pool.
Bob is good at pool...very good.
Bob and Janna goofin around.
As Kim and Janna pose for a shot, Bill (me) sneaks in behind them. :)
Bob and Angie.
Janna Kim and Angie.
(Angie is out of uniform cause she doesn't have a black leather jacket on.)
Danny taking a shot of us all except Bill (left) who was suddenly beamed aboard the Star Ship via the ships transporter beam as the photo was being taken.
Kim and our cat "Spook"on the couch the next morning. We all stayed up way too late after playing pool.
A shot of Angie, Danny and Kim feeling chipper and ready to conquer the world after staying up way late the previous night after playing pool.
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