The Corn Crib


The corn crib was a rectangle building located west of the barn. The boards on the outside of the crib were not close together but had a space between them so air could circulate. I donít know the reason for this but I think it was to let the corn dry .

A hand crank corn sheller was kept here. It shelled one ear of corn at a time. The handle was cranked at the same time the corn was put into the sheller. The corn spewed down a chute into a basket while the cobs fell to a pile on the floor.

This story wouldnít be complete if I didnít tell the story about my little brother Roy. Mom was baking bread and she was about to run out of cobs for the cook stove. She sent Roy out to get a basket of cobs. Roy took a book with him every where he went. He was an avid reader so he took the basket and his book with him to get the cobs.. Mom waited and waited for Roy to come in with the cobs. She kept saying ďWhere is that boy? The fire is about to go out and my bread isnít done. Sis go out and see if you can help him.Ē I went out to the crib and there sat Roy with the book in his hand --read a page, throw a cob in the basket, turn the page toss in another cob and so on.

The hog pens were next to the corn crib because we fed the dried corn to the hogs. We kids were never allowed in the pig pen because we were told if we fell in the pig pen the pigs would eat us up.

The grain bin was also in this area. It was a round galvanized building that held the oats. Once again we were not allowed to play in this building. When anyone walked on the grain it would keep falling, like quicksand, and you would drown in the oats.

The outside of the grain bin was excellent for using as blackboard. Iíd find a piece of limestone to use as chalk. I tried to get my younger brothers and sisters to be students while I was the teacher. Sometimes Iíd get lucky and have a couple students but usually I was playing make believe all by myself.

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