As a kid I made some mighty good mud pies if I do say so myself, so I decided to share my recipe.

First you go to the burn barrel and find an empty tin can to use as a mixing bowl. Then find a flat stick to use as a spoon. I had been using hen eggs from the chicken coop but mom told me not to do that anymore. She said the family needed the eggs to sell or to eat. I watched mom make cakes and pies many times and I knew I had to have eggs to make a pie. At first I thought my pie making days were over but then I remembered seeing pigeon eggs in the hay loft. Off I went to the barn, to climb up the ladder to get to the eggs in the loft. The ladder was made by nailing one by twos across the studs, so it wasnít to difficult to climb up the ladder to get to the eggs but, coming down the ladder was another story. Holding the egg in my hand wasnít working so I put the egg in the pocket of my dress. That seemed to solve the problem so down I came to start the best part of my recipe.

Place the dirt in the tin can to Ĺ full. Go to the well, pump enough water into the can to make an easy to stir mixture. Add pigeon egg and mix well. Pour mixture into a used fruit jar lid and set in the sun to bake.

I always offered pies to my younger siblings but they didnít want any of my GOOD pies.

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