Baby Bill and the horse named Molly


It was early spring and dad was going out to work in the fields. Dad harnessed Molly and Prince in the barn then took them out to hitch them to the wagon. He drove the horses up to the front of the house where the horses stood quietly while dad went into the house to have his last cup of coffee before going to work. He poured himself a cup of leftover coffee then reached into his shirt pocket ,pulled out a sack of Bull Durham tobacco. He took a thin paper in his left hand and formed it into a trough then slowly shook the tobacco in it. He tore off the corner of yesterdays newspaper, twisted it, opened the lid on the cook stove and lit the paper to light his cigarette.

He and mom were discussing the chores that needed to be done that day. Mom was doing the breakfast dishes when she glanced out the window and gasped. There sat baby Bill on the ground in front of Molly’s leg. He was leaning against her leg, just lazily sitting there sucking his thumb. Mom said. “Dad! Look out the window, That horse is going to step on the baby”. They tried to figure out how they were going to retrieve Bill without Molly moving her leg and perhaps stepping on baby Bill.

They thought they might call Bill and try to coax him to come to them but they decided against that idea because Bill had just started walking and wasn’t to steady on his feet. They were afraid Bill would squirm around as he tried to get up and that would cause Molly to move her leg. They finally decided that dad would calmly walk out and try to pick Bill up. Dad started out the door with Al and I right behind him. Dad stopped and sent the two of us back into the kitchen . We were watching out of the kitchen window as Dad walked out talking softly to Molly. Molly’s ears perked up as dad approached but she stood very quiet . When dad got beside her he reached down and calmly picked Bill up.

Baby Bill was saved.

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