Who’s The Boss


Dad bought a new bull. The new bull was big and mean. I guess you could call him a real bully.

The cow pen was attached to the east side of the barn. We (the kids) were not allowed in the pen when the bull was there. Every time dad went into the pen , the bull would snort, paw the dirt and let dad know he wasn’t wanted in the pen.

One day the cows along with the bull were in the pasture. Dad was driving the car through the pasture to get to the back of the farm. When the bull saw the car he started snorting and pawing the dirt. Dust was flying everywhere. Dad decided he would show the bull who was boss. He stopped the car and pulled forward a little, then stopped. The bull lowered his head snorted, pawed the dirt and ran toward the car but stopped just before he got to it. Dad pulled forward once again and stopped. The bull ,once again, snorted, pawed the earth and ran at the car but stopped once more before he hit the car. The bull was getting more furious each time he ran at the car. Dad thought ,good this will teach you who’s boss around here.. Dad was about to drive off but the bull wasn’t finished with the fight. He once more lowered his head, snorted ,pawed at the dirt and with dust flying everywhere he came at the car. This time he didn’t stop. He smashed into the drivers side of the car.

Dad drove the Chevy for years with a big dent in the drivers side door of the car.

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