The Water Well


Dad and uncle August Olberding (moms brother) dug the well. It was located about half way between the house and the barn.

The well was not very deep, probably between 20 and 30 feet. Dad and August dug the well by hand with a shovel and a bucket to lift the dirt out. They lined the well with brick so the water was always clear and clean. We did have good water and as far as I know the well never went dry.

They installed a hand pump and as time went on it was the kids job to carry the water to the house. As the family grew we needed more and more water. I think I carried enough water to fill Crater Lake.

In the summertime the pump handle would get to hot so we'd pump enough water to pour over the handle to cool it off. In the winter it was the opposite. That handle would be bitter cold. We were always warned not to put our tongue on the handle because our tongue would stick to it.

I never did but I always wanted to test it.

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