The Model T Ford


Dad and Mom bought a new model T Ford in 1928. All cars in those days were black. This model had side panels with celluloid windows. The panels were only used when necessary in bad weather because it took quite a bit of time to snap them on and off.

A garage was being built but wasnít finished so dad parked the car in front of the barn. We were allowed to sit in the car but we were told not to touch any of the knobs. It was fun bouncing on the spring seats. Little bother Al was at the steering wheel and started playing with the brake. The car started rolling toward the barn, slowly at first then faster and faster. Bang, we hit the barn. The car wasnít damaged but we sure had a scare.

This reminds me of a story my dad and aunt Kate always talked about. Dad and his family lived on a farm in Carol Iowa. They had a large circle drive in front of the big white house.

One Sunday afternoon Aunt Kate telephoned to tell the family that she and her husband had bought a new car and she said she would drive it out so they could all see it. Cars were a big thing back then and there werenít to many around.

Dad and his older brother John and his younger brother Lawrence were waiting on the porch anxious to see the new car. Finally aunt Kate showed up, drove into the circular driveway waved made the circle and drove out. She drove around the mile and here she came again. She again drove in waving and again she drove off. The brothers were really getting disgusted thinking she was showing off to darn much. She drove in a third time. This time she was frantically waving and yelling ď Help me ,help me.Ē Dad, John and Lawrence were puzzled but finally figured out the problem.. She didnít know how to stop the car. Dad jumped on the running board, rolled in the car and pulled the brake.

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