Mom and Dad began their married life in northeastern Kansas. They rented a farm near Centralia Kansas. The fertile soil and rolling hills made for good farming.

The house was set back from a dirt road and a neighbor lived not to far away. I know the neighbor wasnít to distant because I took the little red wagon and walked over to visit the neighbor without telling mom. She came after me and spanked me all the way home.

The house had a side door into the kitchen and this was the door everyone used. The living room was off the kitchen . I donít remember much about the living room except it had a wood floor and mom had several scatter rugs placed here and there. I donít remember any of the furniture except the rocking chair. The rocking chair would begin rocking with no one in it. The family might be at the kitchen table eating when the empty chair would begin to rock. When the chair began to rock mom and dad would stop talking and eating and just watch the chair. Even as a child I began to feel there was something unusual about the chair. Dad being a realist checked everything he could think of to figure out why that chair was rocking. He checked the floor for loose boards but there were none. He moved the rocker to different places in the room and several times he thought he had solved the problem but when he least expected it , the rocker would once more begin to rock.

Mom asked grandma and grandpa to come over to see the chair. The first time they came over, nothing happened so Iím sure they were skeptical about the story. Later they came over and everyone was once again sitting at the kitchen table having cake and coffee when the rocker began to rock. This time it rocked vigorously . There was complete silence at the table. The chair was given to mom and dad as a wedding present and originally belonged to grandmas family. They all began to talk about the origin of the rocker and tried to figure out why the chair might have something supernatural about it, It was all talk and speculation and no one knew of any reason for the rocking.

Years later when mom was in her seventies I asked her if we really had such a rocker or if the rocking chair was a figment of my imagination.

She looked at me and saidĒ Well, there are spirits you know.Ē

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