One of the first things you have to do when you move is enroll the kids in school so I enrolled Carole, Bill and Judy in Horace Mann school. This is the nearest grade school, only about a block from our house. Bill is in the first grade, Carole in the second and Judy in the sixth. Pat and Mickie went to College High school. They along with every other kid in the neighborhood walked to school. Coll High as it was affectionately called was a steep down hill walk, which made it a a lot of fun in the winter. If it snowed overnight you walked and skated your way down the hill.

Everyone seemed to adjust pretty well in their new environment but when you are young it’s kinda hard so I had reinforce my theory that many new adventures lie ahead of them.

About a month after we moved Carole received a package in the mail It was from her classmates in Houston. Each child in her class had written her a one page letter The whole family enjoyed reading those letters because even though we hated to admit it , we were all a bit homesick for Texas.

The one thing we noticed when the kids started to school was the lack of pride in Oklahoma. I think the first thing the kids learned in Houston was the song “The Eyes of Texas are upon you” No such thing here. Marge Lee, Polly Houston and I all transplants from Houston agreed, a little more state pride would help.

It didn’t take long for the neighborhood kids to find out that they had classmates and playmates living in the house on the corner.

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