It was spring and in Oklahoma that means lots of storms and lots of wind. Fires had been burning in the Osage Hills all week.

Jean and I were invited to play bridge at the Wilsons house. They were neighbors who lived across the street from us. Mickie was out with friends, joy riding out in the country. We kept hearing trucks going down the street with their sirens on.. We thought it was the fire department heading for the fires in Osage Hills. With the wind blowing so hard we said “Man! They must really be having a big fire out there. We went on with the game.

It wasn’t long before the Wilson’s phone rang but the message wasn’t for the Wilsons but for me. The hospital was calling. Mickie had been in a car wreck but, not seriously hurt, or so they thought. They said there wasn’t any reason to rush down there but Mickie was anxious to have us there so we left the card game and headed for the hospital

Jean and I left the card game and headed for the hospital. When we got there we found four other kids in the X ray room or waiting on gurneys in the hallway... Mickie was to go to the X ray room last since she was the least seriously injured, only a small cut above her eye so we waited. Mickie was lying on her back and kept complaining of a back ache and she wanted to turn over but the doctors and nurses tell her no.. just stay on your back . We’ll be with you in a minute. At last they took her to x ray. The next thing I hear is “ This ones got a broken neck”. She was able to move all her limbs so at least we know she isn’t paralyzed. They put her in traction and sent her to ER. I stayed with her at the hospital that night. Jean was so shook up that I knew he wouldn’t be able to keep Mickie calm.

She was in the hospital for ten days. After the first couple of days Mickie was having a good time. All her friends were stopping in after school to keep her up on the latest stuff going on at school.

The next day after the wreck the technicians came in to get her fitted for a brace.

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