My dad liked to make wine. Mom would have nothing to do with it so….. Dad got a fifty gallon wooden barrel and put it in the cellar, Dad went to St. Joseph Missouri to buy vegetables and fruits for canning. On one trip Dad bought a bushel of grapes. He was going to make wine. I don’t know how Dad actually made the wine but he mixed the grapes with some kind of sugar mixture, put it in the barrel and filled the barrel with water. The barrel was kept in the cellar. After some time it was time it was time to test the wine. It turned out to be really good according to the adult testers.

Dad would go to the field to work and when he came home for lunch , he would stop at the cellar to have a little wine. Same thing when he quit work in the evening. Occasionally dad would have more than a little. This made Mom mad, so several times when Dad went out to work in the field, Mom would take a milk pail, go to the cellar and fill it half full of wine. She’d come out of the cellar and pour the wine in the lilac bushes.

Dad finally realized the wine was disappearing pretty fast , so he told Mom someone was getting into the wine. He knew it wasn’t Mom, but he thought it might be one of her brothers. They were allowed to go down and have a drink Mon said “ no…….if you didn’t drink so much, your wine would last longer.

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