Little Brother Bill


I donít know where my little brother Bill was born but I think it was on the farm in Seneca Kansas. He was born two years after his brother Al and three years after his sister Katy.

I remember Bill when he was a year or two old. He was a chubby handsome baby with lots of brown curly hair. We had a dog with long shaggy hair. I wish I could remember the name of the dog but I canít so Iíll just call him Dog. Baby Bill had just learned to walk and Dog thought he was Bills protector. He followed Bill everywhere. Bill sucked his thumb when he was a baby and Dog was his security blanket. When the dog laid down to sleep Bill would sit next to Dog and lean against his belly while he sucked his thumb and twirled dogs long hair with his free hand. I remember dog and bill were often in the middle of the kitchen floor with bill sucking his thumb and dog would be fast asleep. Mom would have to shoo them out the way so everyone could walk thru,.

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