Saint Peter and Paul Church


Saint Peter and Paul was one of the larger parishes in that part of Kansas. We had three priests and twelve nuns assigned to this parish. Ninety eight percent of the people in Seneca were catholic so that kept the priests pretty busy. We also had a twelve grade school going so the nuns were busy also.

The church was built with one main altar and two side altars. The main altar was white with statues of saints in little cubicles above the altar table The side altars were also white but were smaller with only one statue in the center cubicle.. The floor at that time was carpeted with deep cardinal carpet, which made it look very regal.

We spent a lot of time in church. Mom made sure we were there for mass on Sunday, mass before school every day and for all the extra ceremonies at Easter, Christmas etc. We said the rosary every evening after supper during lent. Dad led the first verse of the Hail Mary and the rest of us said the last part together.

When Aunt Mary and Aunt Agnes came out to the house the conversation was often about the happenings in the church. One of the topics was about the priest in the Saint Benedict parish. The priest at that parish would not give communion to women if they were wearing lipstick. They thought that was the wrong thing to do and wondered if the priest had permission from the bishop to do such a thing. As far as I know the priest never gave up on this idea so a lot of families from Saint Benedict came to mass in Seneca to show their disapproval.

Mom tried constantly to talk on of her girls into becoming a nun or one of the boys into becoming a priest. I sometimes believed that mom thought is one of her kids became a nun or a priest, that she would have a special spot in heaven.

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