The Heritage quarter horse sale in Oklahoma City was the big sale of the year . We were inquisitive and wondered what registered quarter horses were selling for so we decided to make the trip to Oklahoma City .

The sale was held at Heritage Farms. The horses were held in a large barn with stalls on each side of a center wide walkway. The horses were shown and sold in a circular areas with bleaches on one side. The horses were led into the ring by perfectly dressed cowboys. We sat mesmerized as each beautiful, well bred horse was brought into the ring. We thought we were in the wrong place. Horses were selling for thousands of dollars depending who their Mama,s and Papa,s were. It was to much money for a little ol ranch operator from Ramona..

Jean never met a stranger so no matter who sat next to him, the conversation revolved around the breeding and what each meant. We were having a good time. Time slipped by and before you knew it ,it was evening and the sale was about to end.

A pretty sorrel colored filly named April came into the ring. She had good breeding. Her dad was a winning race horse “Flying Farmer” . Most of the real buyers had already bought what they wanted and had gone home, We didn’t want a race horse but she caught our eye and before you knew it Jean was, you guessed it, bidding on this filly. She became ours.

We didn’t have our horse trailer with us so we had to leave April in the stall overnight. Everyone else had gone All the buyers were taking their horses home.. She looked at each horse as they went by . She had her head over the gate watching each one go as if to say “When do I get to go”.

We made sure she had food and water and left for Ramona to get the trailer. We went back to Okla City the following morning to pick her up. She was the only horse left in the barn. As we walked down the center aisle she stuck her head out, over the stall gate and looked at us with that “Please take me” look. She was so glad to be going somewhere, even is she didn’t know where. We loaded her in the trailer and left for home.

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