Angie, Danny and Ross take a trip to Chicago.

Aug 2005

Ross, Danny, and Alex wathing some TV at Sherri's house
Sherri standing outside her door in downtown Chicago
Angie in some park in Chicago
Alex and Danny walking around in Chicago
(from left to right) Ross, Danny, Alex, Megan, and Sherri walking around in Chicago
Danny at the "beach" In Chicago (Lake Michigan)
everyone at the beach in Chicago
Sherri and Megan on the the train to their lake house in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin
Everyone in downtown Lake Geneva
Sherri, Megan, and Samantha (one of Sherri's friend's daughter)
This is a shot from the top of the Hancock Building in Chicago looking down on the city
This is Alex falling off the Hancock building (at the top of the Hancock Building)
Danny and Angie at "Laclede's landing" in St. Louis
Danny and Ross at the St. Louis botanical garden
Angie at the botanical garden
Danny and Ross at the botanical garden
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