Danny and Angie are now Black Belts!

Danny Testing for his Black Belt (June 8)
Danny in a sparring round throwing a kick. The girl he is sparring is a 2nd degree black belt and competes in tournaments.
(These images were captured from a video tape)
Danny takes a punch.
Danny tries a kick.
Squaring off in their fighting stances.
Looks like Danny took a kick to the face.
Danny in another sparring round, ended up on the floor for a moment.
At rank receiving a few days later at the park.
This was a significant moment because Danny just received his new rank of black belt and was being asked to remain up front with the black belts instead of going back to his former place in line.
After rank receiving, Danny with his instructors. The belts didn't come in the mail in time, so he is still wearing his brown belt that evening.
Mr. George is in the center, his wife Mrs. George on the left, and Mr. Myers on the right.
These people are wonderful instructors. They are not only knowledgeable and great teachers, but an inspiration.
Angie testing for her Black Belt (August 3)
Angie is the tall girl with her arm up in the front row. This is the warm up for everyone who is going to be tested. Danny is helping lead the group, since he passed his black belt test two months ago.
Danny warms up the testing group. Thats Danny standing in the front, leading the group.
Angie taking a break during testing, As you can see, testing isnt a cake walk!
Angie sparring another student. Angie is in the white helmet.
Angie gets a good kick in!
Angie setting up for her board breaks. She was required to break two boards using two very different techniques. One board she broke with her elbow and the other board she broke with her foot. (bare foot that is!)
The completion of testing. The instructors are talking to the students about what they thought of the testing session. This is a significant photo because it is the last time Angie will be standing among the students. From now on, she will be standing at the front of the students, as Danny is now.
When they test, the black belts are with the rest of the students, but stand up front when they are assisting with the testing.
Angie with her instructors after receiving her Black Belt.
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