Secret Laboratory in the attic.

Converting attic space to usable space.

At the top of these stairs, on the left is where I installed a door. When we bought this house I became curious about how much attic space was behind this wall. Turns out, a lot!!
Behind this wall, will be my new secret laboratory!!
Thats a new door from Home Depot leaning there. I'm going to install it in this wall
First cut thru the wall. Thats the new door right behind me.
Installing the door.
This is almost a year later, the door was installed last year, its now June 2007, I'm laying down decking to lay a plywood floor. The decking wood that I'm standing on, is coming from our back yard deck which we want removed because it will rot because it was installed wrong (directly on the ground). So, instead of letting all that wood rot, I'm using before it does.
In order to make room in this new attic space, I have to move some Air conditioning ducts so they will be out of the way rather than running right thru the middle of the room.
Thats the new door I installed behind me.

Did I mention is is HOT up here? It is very hot.
I'm hooking up the AC ducks. Also, notice the light right there, I had to replace both hallway lights in the ceiling because they stuck up too far inside the attic, I like these better than the old recessed lights that I replaced.
I'm finally ready to start laying the floor, a lot of work has done before I could. This is a sheet of 3/4 inch insulation sheeting that I am going to lay under the plywood. I was worried about compressing the existing insulation which would deminish its effectiveness, so I'm laying sheets of this foam insulation.

It is HOT up here!!
Angie seeing what I've gotten done so far.
This photo makes it look so small! Angie is about 8 feet away with another 4 feet behind her. That makes the room 12 ft long. Its about 10 ft wide, with some more space where you cant stand up straight that we will use for storage.
Remember I said I was using the back yard deck wood? This is it.
That big long white thing is the AC duct I pulled out of the attic and replaced.

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