Ski Taos!
March 2006

Photos of skiing in Taos New Mexico
March 2006
A link to a web cam at the Taos slopes.. "Taos ski cam"
Cole in the car on the way to Taos.
Danny in the car looking goofy on the way to Taos.
A whole lot of snow! It dumped on us the first day there.
View of the snow from our balcony.
Looking down to the next level of buildings from our condo.
The snow was piled up to the top handrail of the walkways.
Danny at the ski shop when we were renting skis and boots.
This was on Sunday, in a plaza in the ski village. The wind was blowing the snow.
Whiteout! The lifts up the mountain were closed.
The weather got clear enough to go up the little lift at the bunny slope.
The top of Angie's head.
Danny and Jess as we leave to go to the mountain Monday morning. The weather had cleared up and it was beautiful and calm.
View from the lift.
Jess and Danny at the snack bar up on the mountain.
Another view from another lift.
Looking up the mountain on the lift.
Danny and Jess at the top of the mountain, at an elevation of 11,800 plus. You can see back behind them that the tree line is very close.
The slopes.
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