St. Louis Road Trip!

Angie, Danny and Ross's Road Trip to St. Louis

August 2006

Danny and Ross outside the City Museum in St. Louis. The museum had a whole maze-like network of climbing tubes, ramps, steps and slides outside...all recycled from other buildings.
Out on the deck at the museum. The seating is an old tram car.
At the aquarium.
World's largest men's the Shrine of Shameless Hucksterism.
An area of the museum with architectural relics from old buildings.
At the St. Louis zoo in the reptile house.
The bird house at the St. Louis zoo. Danny is trying to see how many wierd faces he can make for the camera.
At the new Busch stadium. The Cards won, 7-1 against the Brewers.
Danny and Ross at Raging Rivers waterpark in Illinois.
More waterpark.
Angie at the waterpark.
Two exhausted guys after about 7 hours of constant waterslides.
Angie taking it easy.
How can something with ice cream, whipped cream and fudge or strawberry sauce still be considered breakfast..two of Uncle Bill's pancake and waffle specialties. They almost ate it all.
Uncle Bill's Pancake House, near our old house in St. Louis.
The house that Angie and Bill used to rent in St. Louis, years ago.
On the tram at Grant's farm, a historic farm and wildlife refuge in St. Louis.
Danny acting like the beer bottle in the parking lot was his.
Back in Tulsa at Ross's house.
Julia is happy that Ross is home.

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