BrokeBack Bob!

Bob breaks His Back!.

He's getting better.
June 9-11 2006

Bob is at home now, living the life of a Power Ranger!.
A before shot. Little did we know the doom that awaited Bob!
The next morning in the ER

Ok, this photo was taken about three hours after Bob did the deed. They are trying to figure out the right pain medication to use since the doses of Morphine had little effect! Bob is not a happy camper here but somehow he was able to joke around a little. He pretty much did all through this ordeal.
Ever wonder what Kim looks like during a crisis? Well, this is pretty much it! Hell, she's even trying to smile for the camera!

Kim's a trooper.
This photo was taken with Kims cell phone. These guys are strapping Bob to "the board". Bob was joking with the guys about something, I cant remember.
Bob being loaded onto his own special little bus (that's what Bob called it) to be transported to the hospital. I have to be honest. At this point, I dont know about Kim but I was getting "concerned" (read scared). the Cat-Scans havnt been done, we still dont know how bad Bobs back is, all we know is that its broken. This was pretty nerve wracking watching Bob being loaded into an ambulance. Not Fun.
In the hospital, The cat scans have been done but we dont know what the results are. We had to wait till the next day to hear about them!

Bob is talking on the phone, I'm sure whoever he was talking to was having a hard time understanding him.
Are we having fun yet?
Kim on the phone.
We are getting a little bored, Kim steals the camera and takes a self portrait.
If you look close, Kim has two phones in her hands. She was on the phone almost constantly with people calling for support and to hear what's going on.
Ahhh.. the pain meds have kicked in and we're starting to goof around.
We are getting ready to abandon Bob to go to the Fox to see the Phantom of the Opera.

Carolin stayed with Bob while we were away at the Fox.
Group shot.
At the Fox.

Angie, Kim, Danny and Michelle
At the Fox.

Danny, Angie and Bill (me)
Kim at the Fox, on her Throne.

After we saw the Phantom at the Fox, we all went back to the hospital.
Bob up and in his Power Rangers suit!
Bob is signing off on the back brace that he was just fitted into by Christine, the lady in the photo.
Home sweet home.

Nice outfit Bob.

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